“Driving Global Environmental Change

… Chibuye, the reigning Ms Earth International, issues a call to action for a sustainable future.

By Francis Maingaila

Lusaka, Zambia24 (21-04-2024) – Kena Chibuye, the reigning Ms Earth International, championed urgent global action to combat climate change and preserve the environment.

In an interview with Zambia24, Chibuye articulated the pressing need for policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, promote renewable energy, and restore ecosystems.

Chibuye emphasized the necessity of collective action to address climate change effectively.

She advocated for sustainable solutions such as renewable energy adoption, reforestation, and eco-friendly transportation initiatives.

“These measures were vital for mitigating climate change threats and ensuring a healthier, more sustainable future,” she said.

The former Ms Earth International underscored the significance of preserving biodiversity and natural habitats.

She stressed the importance of fostering an ethos of environmental stewardship and highlighted the urgent need to safeguard the planet’s cleanliness and greenery for future generations.

Chibuye called for global cooperation in tackling environmental issues. She believed in empowering communities to lead local conservation efforts and advocated for environmental education, particularly among the youth.

Tree planting initiatives and sustainable land management practices were essential for restoring degraded landscapes and enhancing resilience to environmental challenges.

Chibuye emphasized the importance of promoting responsible waste management and reducing single-use plastics.

She called for a comprehensive approach to littering, encompassing education and enforcement of rules.

She said efforts to extend cleanliness and sustainability initiatives beyond school premises to homes and communities were crucial.

Kena Chibuye’s advocacy for urgent global environmental action served as a beacon of hope in the fight against climate change.

Through her passionate commitment to preserving the planet and empowering communities, Chibuye inspired individuals and businesses alike to embrace eco-friendly habits and green initiatives.

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