“”Cultivating Social Advancement”

… Siagumpa, Managing Partner at the Master-Mind Leadership Foundation (MLF) says the aim to foster Youth Leadership and Collaboration

By Francis Maingaila

Lusaka, Zambia24 (12-04-2024) – Over twenty youth-led organizations, supported by ActionAid, convened in Lusaka to discuss the pivotal role of young people in national development and leadership.

Brian Mphande, a leading advocate for youth participation and digital activism, stressed the significance of nurturing young minds for societal progress.

He underscored the inherent potential of young individuals to tackle pressing challenges and shape a brighter future through their unique insights and creativity.

Highlighting collaboration as essential, Mphande emphasized the need to unite not only young people but also various stakeholders to foster diverse perspectives and collective action.

Mphande emphasized that empowering young people demands collaborative efforts, advocacy, and adequate resource provision.

“By harnessing the innovative spirit and vigor of young minds, we can effectively address societal issues and pave the way for a more inclusive and prosperous future,” he stated.

The consortium in Lusaka exemplified the capacity of young people to instigate positive change and assume leadership roles.

Mphande noted that through collaboration, advocacy endeavors gain traction, leading to more substantial impacts on societal issues.

Cooperation among young founders is pivotal in empowering the next generation of change-makers.

By pooling resources, sharing knowledge, and leveraging strengths, meaningful societal transformations can be achieved.

The meeting, facilitated by ActionAid at the Global Platform, saw the participation of diverse youth-led organizations, including but not limited to:

  1. Girl Goes Political
  2. Youth for Parliament
  3. Copper Rose
  4. Activists Zambia
  5. Youths Ignite
  6. Fight Inequality Alliances
  7. Youth Arise Zambia
  8. Young Men’s Christian Association
  9. Master-Mind Leadership Foundation
  10. SGM
  11. Sister Sister
  12. Youth Dialogue Zambia
  13. Youths Dialogue on SDGs

These organizations represent varied interests and initiatives, showcasing the breadth of youth involvement in addressing societal challenges and advocating for positive change.

Furthermore, Mphande emphasized the importance of equipping young people with requisite information and resources to facilitate their meaningful contributions.

Access to education, mentorship, funding, and networking opportunities empowers young individuals to actualize their ideas and contribute effectively to national development.

Brandon Gift Siagumpa, Managing Partner at the Master-Mind Leadership Foundation (MLF), stressed the pivotal role of youth engagement within organizations.

The meeting focused on exploring how these organizations engage young people and undertake activities to effect positive societal change.

Siagumpa highlighted the significance of identifying potential partners among stakeholders and organizations to enhance collaboration.

Networking strategies, meaningful youth engagement, and avoiding tokenism emerged as crucial aspects.

Siagumpa underscored the importance of collaborating with global platforms and stakeholders to drive national-level positive change.

With over 20 organizations participating, there is optimism for fruitful collaborations and impactful outcomes.

Siagumpa expressed appreciation for the opportunity to engage in such discussions and anticipated productive results.

“Through concerted efforts and collaboration, the path towards meaningful youth engagement and sustainable development is paved,” he remarked.

Natasha Sakala, National Programs Officer at the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA), emphasized the importance of involving youth in decision-making processes and fostering collaboration among organizations.

Sakala advocated for partnerships and networking to achieve greater impact, citing the participation of over 20 organizations as promising for collaboration potential.

She also stressed the significance of partnerships with global platforms to expand reach and influence.

Additionally, she urged collective action, emphasizing the need for organizations to work together towards shared goals.

Sakala highlighted the transformative potential of youth involvement and collaborative action in advancing social progress.

It was Sakala’s considered view that recognizing youth as key stakeholders, rather than mere beneficiaries, is crucial for meaningful engagement and societal development.

He said creating opportunities for collaboration and networking among youth-led organizations and advocates enhances collective efforts and amplifies our voice on critical issues.

He said deepening our understanding of various levels of youth engagement and effective approaches enables us to maximize impact and contribute more effectively to social change,” he said.

“Tailoring advocacy strategies to the needs of young people facilitates more effective advocacy for our rights and interests.

He added that uniting our voices and efforts can achieve greater impact and make meaningful strides towards our shared objectives.

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