China Geo to improve the Batoka-Maamba Road

Government has awarded a contract to China Geo to improve the Batoka – Maamba Road in Sinazongwe District, Southern Province.

Sinazongwe District Commissioner NCHIMUNYA SIAKOLE says the contractor is mobilizing and will start working on the road soon.

Mr. SIAKOLE has told ZNBC NEWS that President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA is determined to take development to all parts of the country.

He said the Batoka-Maamba road is important as it facilitates the movement of goods, including coal from various mines in Sinazongwe to the rest of the country.

The DC said Maamba Collieries is a significant coal producer, and its operations rely on efficient transportation of which a functional road ensures uninterrupted supply chains for energy production.

Mr. SIAKOLE said as a major route, Batoka-Maamba road links Maamba and surrounding areas to essential services, markets, and employment opportunities.

Mr. SIAKOLE further added that the road passes through scenic landscapes, including the Batoka Gorge, and its rehabilitation will enhance tourism potential and boost the local economy.

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