“Championing Integrity”

… Mwaliteta calls for embracing value and excellence ethically in a Changing World

By Francis Maingaila

Lusaka, Zambia24 (14-04-2024) – Mwaliteta, Chairperson of Lusaka Province, firmly refutes allegations of threatening a young opposition Socialist Party member with a gun.

He demands a retraction of these claims within 14 days, warning of legal action otherwise.

Mwaliteta vehemently denies the accusations at a media briefing, branding them as fabricated during a media briefing. He asserts his unwavering commitment to non-violence throughout his political career and vows to pursue legal recourse if the allegations are not retracted promptly.

His dedication to integrity extends beyond this incident, evident in his exoneration from past allegations, including the purported theft of a BlackBerry phone during the PF government’s tenure.

Mwaliteta emphasizes his track record as a testament to his character and adherence to the law. He expresses concern over what he views as a deliberate effort to paint the ruling United Party for National Development (UPND) as a violent entity, clarifying the party’s stance on addressing issues through lawful channels.

In addition to dispelling misconceptions, Mwaliteta outlines his vision for Zambia’s future, highlighting ongoing development projects and proposing pragmatic economic solutions such as currency color changes to stimulate growth.

Despite facing criticism, Mwaliteta remains resolute in his commitment to serving Zambia. He advocates for constructive dialogue, urging sustainable solutions to the nation’s challenges while embodying the values of authenticity, peace, and perseverance.

As Mwaliteta continues to navigate Zambia’s political landscape, his steadfast integrity shines as a beacon of hope for a more prosperous future.

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