By Sharon Kunda-Vice President Inonge Wina says the collapse of Constitution Amendment Bill number 10 of 2019 will likely trigger devastating effects that could have been sorted by the proposals contained in it.

Mrs. Wina says the people who are celebrating the fall of Bill 10 should have answers when they face church leaders, chiefs and women who wanted to have non progressive clauses removed from the current constitution.

She notes that the non-passing of Bill 10 has denied women a guaranteed voice in decision making processes in the country.

Mrs. Wina says Bill 10 was going to introduce affirmative action where a number of women and those with disabilities would have had more representation in Parliament.

She says this was the only chance that would have ensured the increase of women in decision-making and the marginalised in society.

Mrs. Wina has wondered what message the opposition will carry to the many Zambians after the failure of Bill 10 which would have sorted several lacunas in the current Constitution.

She says the MPs who have abrogated their responsibilities by ignoring the wishes of Zambians have themselves to blame.

The Vice President says delimitation of constituencies will however carry on to create more spaces to new Members of Parliament.

She said this in response to a question by Nakonde Member of Parliament Yizukanji Siwanzi during the Vice President’s question time in Parliament

Meanwhile, Mrs. Wina said Government has made substantial improvement in the eradication of red locusts in southern and western parts of the country.

Mrs. Wina said the control of Red locusts is tedious as they are flying insects and not domiciled in one area.

She said Government is engaging neighbouring countries to see how they can collectively control the locusts.

Meanwhile, Some opposition political party leaders have urged the UPND not to interpret the collapse of bill 10 as their victory in the forthcoming 2021 general election.

National Congress Party Leader Peter Chanda says it is clear that the UPND has been made to believe that the collapse of the bill will usher their leader into State House.

He was speaking at a press briefing in Lusaka today.

And Zambia Republican Party leader Wright Musoma said the move by the UPND to reject the bill is an indication that the party is an enemy of progress.

Mr. Musoma said the move has denied Zambians progressive plans which would have benefited the majority.

Meanwhile, Zambian DNA Spokesperson Spuki Mulemwa said the collapse of bill 10 is the end of the UPND.


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