Ban electric geysers importation – Energy Expert

By Mary Kachepa

Energy Expert JOHNSTONE CHIKWANDA says he is hopeful that this year’s anticipated power deficit will be the last to be experienced in the country.

Dr. CHIKWANDA says this is because of the investment that government has attracted in the energy sector.

He says the country has found itself in this situation because of inadequate planning and implementation of National Development Plans on energy diversification in the last 15- years.

Dr. CHIKWANDA says Zambia had gone through a similar energy crisis in 2015 after the drought and has called on all stakeholders to do their part to help mitigate the deficit.

He has also appealed to government to introduce a Statutory Instrument – SI- to ban or restrict importation or manufacturing of electric geysers for five to 10 years to push migration to solar geysers in order to ameliorate the energy deficit.

Dr. CHIKWANDA says Government must also consider increasing tax on the importation of electric geysers to further push the agenda to save on power consumption.

He says if the -SI- on electric geysers is implemented, the country will save about 200 megawatts of power.

Dr. CHIKWANDA says there must also be an attempt to give incentives to consumers who wish to swap their electric geysers with solar ones.

He further appealed to government, the private sector, and domestic customers to switch off lights in unoccupied rooms during the day and night and has requested the Secretary to the Cabinet to consider issuing a circular for the initiative to be adhered to in public institutions.

Dr. CHIKWANDA further called on importers of renewable energy products to pass on the benefits of the incentives by government to the consumers to make the products affordable.

He says when these and other measures are implemented; the country will save a significant amount of energy which might reduce the 8- hour planned load shedding period.

Dr. CHIKWANDA was speaking at a press briefing in Lusaka on Sunday.


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