Africa calls for ambitious outcomes at COP 28

Macpherson Mukuka


The Africa Group of Negotiators -AGN- has called for an ambitious outcome on adaptation at COP28 slated for December this year in the United Arab Emirates.

AGN Chairperson EPHRAIM SHITIMA says the Group will work with Parties to advance the work, and will not be discouraged by the work as UNFCCC is an essential space for the multilateral response.

Speaking to ZNBC News, Mr. SHITIMA, however, said AGN is concerned about the estimated cost of adaptation in the Sixth Assessment Report which states that adaptation costs will reach $127 BillionĀ  in developing countries and Africa only needs up to about $86 billion annually by 2030.

He said AGN is pushing for a more inclusive and balanced conversation at the Bonn conference to reflect the needs and priorities of developing countries, especially adaptation.

The AGN chair has stressed that Many African countries are struggling with formulating and implementing Adaptation Plans, hence the need to provide the space for assessing progress made by developing countries.

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