“Acknowledging Excellence:

… ZCSA awards journaliats for outstanding reporting on product safety and trade in 2023.

By Francis Maingaila
Lusaka, Zambia24 (07/03/2014) – The Zambia Compulsory Standards Agency (ZCSA) recognized journalists for outstanding reporting on product safety and trade in 2023.

At the inaugural ZCSA Media Awards held at Urban Hotel in Lusaka, ZCSA board Chairperson Ian Mupeta emphasized the media’s crucial role in public education and consumer protection, in line with the Agency’s mandate under the Compulsory Standards Act No. 3 of 2017.

Mupeta stressed the importance of the Media Watch program, which engages journalists in raising awareness of product safety and standards issues.

Under the Act, ZCSA administers, maintains, and enforces standards for public safety, health, consumer, and environmental protection.

Mupeta noted the agency’s progress, with compliance levels rising from 85% in 2020 to 96% in 2023, covering 61 compulsory standards for various products.

He added that collaboration with the media is crucial for driving awareness and fostering a competitive economy.

ZCSA also supports small to medium enterprises (SMEs) in producing safe products to stimulate economic growth and job creation.

The agency ensures the vetting of products meeting compulsory standards before market entry and emphasizes the illegality of supplying non-compliant products.

Plans for intensified enforcement and public education efforts in 2024, including training for local language journalists, were also discussed.

During the event, Gerald Chizinga, Executive Director of ZCSA, stressed the importance of professionalism and specialization in journalism, particularly investigative journalism.

He thanked the media awards organizers and encouraged more institutions to support media development.
Chizinga congratulated all the winners of the Inaugural ZCSA Media Awards for 2023.

  1. 1st Prize – Best Print Media Award / Newspapers: Ketra Kalunga (Times of Zambia, Lusaka)
  2. 2nd Best Print Media Award / Newspapers: Abigail Chifusa (Zambia Daily Mail, Lusaka)
  3. 1st Prize – Best Radio Award: Ennety Munshya (Power FM, Kabwe)
  4. 2nd Best Radio Award: Cecilia Chiluba (Money FM Radio, Lusaka)
  5. 1st Prize – Best TV Award: Fortune Malata (ZNBC, Lusaka)
  6. 2nd Best TV Award: Mwiya Mukumbuta (Muvi TV Livingstone)
  7. 1st Prize – Best Digital Media Award: Michael Kaluba (Radio Phoenix, Kitwe)
  8. 2nd Best Digital Media Award: Francis Maingaila (Zambia24.com)
  9. 1st Prize – Most Consistent Award: Francis Maingaila (Zambia24.com)
  10. 2nd Most Consistent Award: Lillian Chipeso (Former Journalist at YAR FM, Kitwe)
  11. Overall winner: Ennety Munshya (Power FM, Kabwe)
    Meanwhile Enock Ngoma, Chairperson for the adjudication Committee, commended ZCSA for pioneering the awards, highlighting their historical significance as the first of their kind.

He emphasized the importance of media literacy and urged journalists to prioritize reporting on compulsory standards and consumer protection for public safety and awareness.

Despite stiff competition, Ngoma encouraged journalists to remain engaged and motivated for future opportunities.

He expressed gratitude to attendees and encouraged those who didn’t win to remain motivated for future opportunities.

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