A Return to Wakanda

(POPSUGAR) Black Panther completely obliterated box office records when it was released in February 2018, and we’ve been yearning for a sequel ever since. Well, good news: we know when the crowned hero is returning for the follow-up to the first film. On Aug. 24, Ryan Coogler – who is returning to direct the sequel – announced that Black Panther 2 will hit the big screen on May 6, 2022. Yes, it’s quite the wait, but we’re also expecting it to be another gem for the culture.There aren’t many details about the second installment’s plot, but we do know that it will be part of Marvel’s fifth phase, presumably with the confirmed Avengers 5. In March 2018, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige sat down with Entertainment Weekly and teased a few possibilities that have us pumped about the movie’s potential. Feige shared that we would likely see more of the two breakout stars of Black Panther : Shuri, played by Letitia Wright, and Okoye, played by Danai Gurira. “It’s a balance between leaving people wanting more and then giving them too much,” Feige shared. “I think Shuri’s astounding, and you’ll see much more of her in our universe. Okoye, I think I’d watch three action films with just Okoye. I’m not saying we’re doing that, but I’m saying that we’re intrigued by them.”Other details about the sequel, suggest Michael B. Jordan – who played Erik Killmonger in the original – will play some part, despite his onscreen death. “Ryan Coogler is currently mapping out Black Panther‘s sequel and has written in a number of new characters that movie-goers will be introduced to when it premieres,” Metro reported in May 2018. “They’re still yet to decide if Michael B. Jordan will return in some capacity, but if he doesn’t, it’s likely [Childish] Gambino may play some kind of villain.” That’s especially interesting, considering Donald Glover (who uses Childish Gambino as his stage name in his music career) already made his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in Spider-Man: Homecoming as Aaron Davis. Regardless of whether or not Glover or Jordan are actually involved, we’re excited that Black Panther 2 is a go. Post Views: 10
News Source: ZNBC

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