‘Youngest candidate’ Niza Phiri files in for Kwacha Constituency

niza phiriThe youngest parliamentary hopeful in this year’s general elections, Niza Phiri, has successfully filed in his nomination papers as the opposition Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) candidate for Kwacha Constituency in Kitwe.

The 24-year-old Kitwe-based Engineer filed in his papers at Kitwe’s Civic Center this afternoon. He arrived at the venue to cheers of “pa mwaiche!” from PF cadres who had gathered to support their candidate Joe Malanji.

Niza Phiri, popularly known as “pa mwaiche”, has gained fame from the numerous projects he has been doing through his NGO, The Zambia Volunteers Network. He has built two community schools within the area, helped establish an orphanage in ndola and also helped several women with loans to set up businesses.

Upon filing in his nomination, he said: “I have successfully filed in my nomination as FDD candidate for Kwacha Constituency, beoming the youngest candidate in the election. I want to take this time to thank all that came out in numbers and all that supported me in whatever way. Despite many challenges and doubts, God has seen us through. The battle ahead in a daunting one. But with God’s wisdom and guidance, we will achieve our dream of a prosperous Kwacha, a happy Kwacha. Long live kwacha!

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