Yes am PF, but PF has not done anything – Mark2



Singer Mark Mulaza Kaira aka Mark2 says he is a PF Cadre.


The popular Zambian Singer says:


Yes Am PF.. But Am An Artist First..

My Political Opinion Has Always Been Favor And Fear Free. I Call A Spade A Spade.


To All You Politicians Out There..

Wrong Is Wrong And When You Step Out Of line I Will Speak Out Without Caring What Political Party You Belong To Or What Position You Hold.. Because I have a responsibility, not only to entertain but to inform, education and inspire people with my music.


To All My People Out There..

PF hasn’t done anything for me as an artist.

They havent done anything about the Piracy that we have been crying about for years.and sometimes I even refuse to go and perform  at some events because they don’t pay me enough for what I do..


So please understand that everytime I stand on a PF platform to perform.. it’s simply because I believe in Edgar Lungu, not because of the money. In fact East Point Disco pays me more than PF for an event.


I endorse Lungu because I have sat down and listened to him talk, I have heard from the horse’s mouth, I know the passion he has for Zambia and how much he wants to transform our people’s lives. I believe with no doubt in my mind that he is the man for the job.. that’s why I do it.


Someone inboxed me this morning saying the PF used civil servants salary money to pay for our performances at the stadium.. after reading that I found it very sad that people actually think like that.


I am in America right now sleeping on a king size bed in a 5 star hotel.. not because of PF but because of my hard work. Am a superstar Incase you forgot.


Lastly.. I pray for peace in our country, I pray for a time when we will respect eachother’s opinions no matter how different, I pray for a time when supports of UPND, PF, MMD nabambi nabambi can sit down and debate peacefully.. like the way me, Pilato and Petersen do.



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