Tasila says “Thank You Lord”

Tasila LunguNew kid on the political scene Tasila Lungu says the best work a person can sometimes use in prayer is “Thank you Lord.

In her latest social media posting where she is increasing her presence as she bids for civic leadership in Lusaka’s Chawama township, Tasila urges people to enjoy the moment and not take themselves seriously.

“Take time to enjoy the moment, find the kid in you, don’t always take yourself too seriously. life is very short,” she posts.

Tasila has combined her political ambitions with social welfare, taking care of vulnerable children through donation of clothes, shoes and food.

She says, “Sometimes the best words that we can use when we pray are simply ‘Thank you Lord.’”

Tasila says God already “knows our needs before we even ask. I am amazed when I think about all the things that He gives us, that we have not even asked for.

She concludes, “I will enter His gates with thanksgiving in my heart…”

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