Saunders describes as disgrace deportation of Biti

Senior Citizen Dante Saunders

Senior Citizen Dante Saunders

Senior citizen Dante Saunders has described as a disgrace government’s decision to deport Zimbabwe opposition leader Tendai Biti who was seeking asylum in Zambia.

Mr. Saunders thinks that it was in the first place a miscalculation on the part of Mr. Biti to even think of running to Zambia of all other Countries.

In an interview with QTV News Mr. Saunders is of  the view that the political conditions in Zambia are not any different from Zimbabwe.

Mr. Saunders says he has observed that while leaders of questionable repetition have been allowed to visit Zambia, an opposition leader cannot be allowed to seek refuge in a Country like Zambia.

He states that this is why it pains to think that opposition leaders from Zimbabwe can assume of running from their own Countries to seek sanctuary in Zambia.

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