Private sector important in improving Agric sector- CTPD

CTPD Executive Director Isaac Mwaipopo (Picture by Albert Mpezeni)

CTPD Executive Director Isaac Mwaipopo (Picture by Albert Mpezeni)

Centre for Trade Policy Development (CTPD) Executive Director, Isaac Mwaipopo says the private sector remains relevant in improving the agriculture sector.

His comments comes in the wake of the move by Pembe Milling Company which has set its maize purchase price at K90 per 50Kg bag against the FRA’s K70 for the same quantity.

Mr Mwaipopo tells Q-News that this development is an indication that Zambia’s agriculture sector can still thrive especially with the smooth engagement of private maize processing companies.

He has also projected a good demand for the maize crop in the current marketing season.

He has since advised farmers to be patient and identify buyers who will buy their commodity at a good price as opposed to selling to dubious briefcase maize buyers.

Meanwhile Mr Mwaipopo gas appealed to government to consider realigning the role of the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) as it reviews the FRA Act.

The CTPD Executive Director says FRA has failed in executing its mandate.

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