Opposition MPs walk out of Parley again

vlcsnap-2596-11-20-11h56m58s822Opposition UPND Members of Parliament today walked out of parliament after their fellow Mitete MP Misheck Mitelo was asked to leave the house by Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini.

Mr. Mitelo was asked to leave the chamber by the speaker after rising on a point of order questioning if the house was in order to deny the opposition member of parliament to rise on a point of order when Chama south member of parliament was allowed to rise on a point of order was he indicated later than him.

In delivering his ruling on the point of order raised by the Member of Parliament, speaker of the national assembly Patrick Matibini ruled that the opposition Member of Parliament leaves the house immediately.

It was at this point when all the other opposition members of parliament walked out of the house but they returned after about close to ten minutes.


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