Nevers Mumba Goes To Court To Hold On To MMD

nevers-mumba-supreme-courtNevers Mumba has rushed to court to save his hold on the opposition Movement for Multi Party Democracy that has slipped into Lunte Member of Parliament Felix Mutati.

Mutati was on Saturday elected as leader of the MMD at a convention called by a faction of the former ruling party with former Republican President Rupiah Banda being in attendance.

Mumba has sought an injunction in the Lusaka High Court seeking to stop the election of Mutati as president with the Lunte MP already in charge and gone into a marriage with the ruling Patriotic Front.

The pastor turned pastor who has already put through a down payment for the nomination fees toward the August 11 general elections.

Meanwhile the Mutati camp is also pushing for a counter action to have Mumba withdraw his payment as he is no longer the legitimate leader of the MMD.

Mutati said Mumba lost his hold on the party on Saturday after the convention where he was invited but never pitched.

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