Milupi, Hichilema & Nevers Gang Up To Defend The Post

Hichilema campaign launchSome opposition political parties ganged up in defence of diplomats over their support for the debt ridden Post Newspapers.

Alliance for Democracy and Development leader Charles Milupi alongside UPNDís Hakainde Hichilema and Nevers Mumba held a press conference in support of the diplomatsí support of Fred Mímembeís Post Newspapers.

Milupi said the country should bow down to diplomats as they helped fund several developmental areas.

He said that the country should not stand up to the diplomatic corps as they were key partners in development.
Milupi said there was need to reach out to the diplomatic corps than point the exit door when there was a crisis.

Hichilema said the kwacha would tumble in the wake of sentiments by President Edgar Lungu to diplomats that if they were so concerned about the closure of The Post Newspapers they should help them clear their debt.

And Mumba said whose stake on the MMD remains suspect said the country may pay a high price for antagonizing diplomats.

Diplomats met President Lungu to express their concern over the closure of The Post Newspapers with the Head of State clarifying that the state had nothing to do with it.

The Post Newspapers has been closed for over a week following a disputed K53 million debt owed to the Zambia Revenue Authority.

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