The Local Government Commission has transferred 1- hundred and 6 unionised employees from Kafue Town Council from various departments with the aim of stabilising the operation of the Council.
Local Government Commission Chairperson Amos Musonda says the Council has a blotted work force of which management was advised to streamline the it to enable them pay their workers.
Mr. Musonda advised the council to stop employing until it starts functioning normally.
And, Speaking earlier during the session Kafue council Secretary Aaron Kamalondo admitted that the council had some shortcomings in terms of paying its employees’ wages and salaries.
The Kafue town Council which had a total workforce of 400 workers has been faced with challenges of paying, accumulating a wage bill amounting to one thousand and nine million kwacha in arrears.
The entire finance department was sent to other Councils so that they can revive their financial base.

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