Honey or Syrup

By Emmanuel Mwamba
TO stay healthy, to reduce the harm of sugar to my body, I earlier this year took drastic measures.
So I abandoned processed and fast foods, and opted to eat more home cooked meals.
I also abandoned my favourite Coca Cola taken with Ice, and a lot more things.
Since then I’ve tried to eat more vegetables and more fruits- regularly.
But a new problem emerged.
I found out that I was constantly constipated and feeling bloated.
Earlier, this condition was attributed to my relocation to Ethiopia as the City of Addis Ababa sits at a very high altitude and has up-to 30% less oxygen than Lusaka or Johannesburg.
I spoke to various doctor friends(You know I can’t get myself to a clinic or hospital, and I have this phobia against medicines and clinics) and I also tried those various mother-to-son remedies.
But recently, a doctor friend of mine listened to my story and concluded and pin pointed what could be the problem.
The honey in my tea!. I likely take a lot of fake honey.
I take tea very often, very regularly whether the weather is hot or cold, warm or cool, I take my tea…
Honey in my tea, other than my nshima, is likely the biggest staple in my diet.
He warned that fake honey was among the biggest fraud on food on the market.
He said even top hotels have been found to stocking this fake honey.
So don’t believe the label proclaiming pure honey as the content could be fake.
Infact the claim of the labels that this is pure honey is frequently abused!
I’ve since learnt that honey suffers widespread adulteration and traders mix honey with anything from syrup to sugar.
In many cases the honey traders mixed it with sugarcane syrup, or syrups derived from rice, beet and other sugars.
Honey is also adulterated by adding molasses, fructose or glucose syrups.
Imagine taking this syrups as frequently as I take my tea!
So,whoever is coming from Zambia, please you must bring me real and pure honey.
And Kapenta!

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News Source: Mwebantu

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