Hichilema Reports Tayali to Police for Criminal Libel

Political rabble rouser Chilufya Tayali has finally hit a raw nerve with opposition UPND President Hakainde HIchilema reporting him to Woodlands Police Station for criminal libel.

Tayali has relentlessly been on Hichilema’s case, frequently punching holes in the UPND leader’s political frailties but has largely gone overlooked.

However, Hichilema’s fragile sense seems to have got the better of him forcing him to report Tayali.

The UPND President penned some notes for his flock in the aftermath of his filing the complaint at Woodlands Police Station.


I have reported a Mr Chilufya Tayali to the Woodlands Police Station for criminal libel, an offence we consider serious.

This is in view of his continued libelous statements in total defamation of my standing reputation both as an individual and President of the biggest political party in Zambia the UPND.

For a long time now, the reported individual has made unwarranted and unsubstantiated claims against me.

Citizens will agree with me that I have been very tolerant of him despite the many defamatory statements he had made against me for simply taking a stand on things and my political beliefs.

In the latest libel, Mr Tayali has been publishing and uttering public statements to the effect that I am responsible for the death of our beloved daughter, Vespers Shimuzhila who died in a police operation at University of Zambia. I am neither the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces nor the Inspector General of Police, why Mr Tayali wants me cited remains a matter I don’t understand.

The only motive for dragging my name into a matter that I completely have no responsibility and power to undertake is to stir up citizens resentment against me and UPND

We expect the Police to take action against Mr Tayali without any delay, for justice delayed is justice denied. I equally have the constitutional protection and benefit of the law like any other individual in this country.

And we urge our members and sympathizers not to be diverted from the real issues affecting our people.

As a party whose central focus is development, we believe that nothing supersedes people power and this is why we say: “people power! Our power and our land.


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