HH is puzzled by the puzzled running mate puzzle

13296259_10207571317939214_1056868036_nBy Joe Mwansa Lombe Kaluba

President Edgar Lungu has announced his Running Mate(RM) He made it clear early this year that his RM was going to be a woman. True to his words he named our Vice President Inonge Mutukwa Wina as his RM. So Lungu and the Patriotic Front are now thinking about other things.

We as voters know or have an idea who is going to be in that team. What about others? What is going on. The question which even United Party for National Development (UPND) supporters are asking is who is Hakainde Hichilema’s RM? While let me easy your thoughts.

Word reaching my fingertips is that the issue of self appointed Presidential candidate HH’s running mate is almost done. However there is a list of short listed hopefuls. Among those on the list are Christine Kaseba Sata, Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba. Jack Mwiimbu, Garry Nkombo, Maureen Mwanawasa, Miles Samba and Canisius Banda.

The problem is that there is discrepancy on who should be picked. Mostly it is the party presidential candidate who has the powers to pick his or her RM after consultation with party members. HH has his preferred candidate who l understand is either Dr Mwanawasa, GBM and Dr Banda. He is weighing who would fit the bill and help him and the party win the August election.

However the only problem is that UPND old party members have their own proposed names. It is believed that meetings have been called in the past days where tempers were high. We are not very far from that announcement though. It is either this week or the coming week. Hope we get the name before 11 August.

On GBM there is the issue of the Grade 12 certificate which even some of the leaders in UPND don’t know if he has or not. People try by all means to die inside without asking questions.

There has been debate whether GBM has been to secondary school or not. I did my own research and this is what I found out.

According the an interview done by the Kwacha magazine issue number five(5) of 2015. When sharing tips on Business GBM told the magazine that he went to Zesco High School in Lusaka. The interview does not however mention when he finished High School. So if GBM went to high school then he should have a grade 12 certificate. The question is where is or where was Zesco High School in Lusaka. I am sure the Minstry of Education and the Examination Council of Zambia have the records. GBM looks to be a front runner but some of these unanswered questions prompts more questions.

If you remember very well early this year opposition leaders met in Lusaka with Vernon Mwaanga to discus how they can work together. A leader of a named political party was proposed to be running mate to HH but refused. It is said that he noted that he had more political experience than HH, Banda and GBM put together. UKO!!!

These my dear voters are some of the things happening in UPND. Sadly most UPND supporters and cadres have no idea what is going on in the party.

My advise to HH and UPND is that do your home work and let your supporters know. It is good for democracy. And my advise to the UPND supporters on social media is instead of talking about your balloon blowing competition and manyengwe rally you had in Kitwe you are busy talking about PF. Please play your game and not PF’s game.

For now I think it is puzzling the puzzle when puzzled with the puzzled supporters who are being puzzled by the puzzled running mate puzzle LOL tiye nayo. Meanwhile naisa ntekunye ingombe yaba neighbour(let me tickle my neighbours cow ) LOL

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