Harry Kalaba Called to Order by PF Youth Chief

Luanshya Mayor Nathan Chanda has thrown himself in the way of out of control Patriotic Front Bahati Member of Parliament Harry Kalaba whom he has accused of cowardice.

Chanda said Kalaba was clinging on to the PF yet attacking the party’s leadership daily.

He advised Kalaba to divert his energies to delivering to the people in his constituency and desist from attacking President Edgar Lungu.

Chanda said Kalaba had been pontificating about improving the lives of Zambians yet had done very little for the people of Bahati Constituency when he served as Foreign Affairs Minister.

Kalaba has clung on to his Bahati seat on the PF ticket and has not made it a secret that he will be on the Presidential ballot in 2021.

“It is strange that we still have leaders who think their contribution to this great nation Zambia can only be achieved if they are elected President of the Republic. We say this because we have seen a trend of some selfish people who just want to criticize President Edgar Lungu without giving any practical and tangible solutions. All we hear is when “am President” will do this, will do that,” Chanda said.

“This is the high level of hypocrisy which should not be expected from individuals who claim to be leaders. Kalaba had travelled the world over with government resources as Foreign Affairs Minister and we wonder what has blindfolded this man.  We expect a lot from this man who is now behaving like a misguided missile.”

Chanda said it does not take one to be Republican President to contribute to the development of the country further stating that there are people who have contributed to Zambia without being Head of State.

“Our humble advice is better he concentrates on developmental issues in his constituency than enjoying the allowances he is getting on the PF ticket. He is calling the PF names today which made him to be where he is. The ungrateful behaviour he is exhibiting has taken away the hopes of the electorates in Bahati,” he added.

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