Govt Complex in Fire Scare

Miles Sampa Wrote:

I have been informed by our LCC Fire Brigade Manager that there was fire occurrence on the 16th floor of the Government Complex Building at about 19:30hrs.

He has since assured me that as at 20:10hrs, the fire was extinguished by a number of our LCC Fire Truck machines that rushed to the scene.

The fire is suspected to have been caused by charcoal brazier remains in a restaurant located on the same floor.

The extent of damage caused by the fire is yet to be established but not anticipated to be highly extensive.


  1. M.M.

    You allow such things as braziers in that building! I wonder how the place looks like these days but whatever it is, it must be a sorry sight inside.


  2. MR ZED

    These Guys They Are Working In Other Provinces.But Not What I Saw In Mongu on may 16,2018. they came to extinguish the fire after 2 hours of been informed.


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