German Envoy Calls For Peace During Campaigns

German_Flag_WavyGerman Ambassador to Zambia Bernd Finke says Zambia should maintain its peace even as the country heads towards elections.

Finke says Zambia is well known for its peace thus it is important that the people of Zambia try by all means to desist from anything that threatens the peace of the country.

He says it is also his hope that in the coming years, people will see a prosperous Zambia overcoming the current economic crisis the country is facing at the moment.

And Finke says Zambia needs concerted efforts from all stakeholders if it has to reduce the levels of poverty.

He says there is need to establish why the country has high levels of poverty amidst abundant natural resources.

Finke states that it is possible for Zambia to reduce the high levels of poverty especially rural poverty if government and stakeholders join hands.

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