Local Government Minister Vincent Mwale has urged Churches in the country to form health departments to enhance cleanliness in their areas of operation.
Mr. Mwale says the church is a critical institution which can be used to propel the agenda of promoting a clean environment in the country.
The Minister was speaking during the United Church of Zambia UCZ Inter denominational music festival held under the themeā€ promoting a clean environment.
And Mr. Mwale said government will support organisations that aim at supporting a clean environment.
He has expressed happiness over churches that have been participating in the Keep Zambia Clean Campaign.
And, Lusaka City Council Public Health Director, Edgar Mulwanda commended the church for working with the council in promoting cleanliness in the community.
Meanwhile, Zambia Environmental Management Agency -ZEMA- Spokesperson Irene Lungu said the agency will always support institutions that are promoting a clean environment.

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