ZNS building Dam in Mumbwa

By Paul Shalala

The Zambia National Service -ZNS- is constructing a one million cubic litres capacity dam in Mumbwa, Central province.

The development is aimed at harvesting water for irrigation and domestic use in Mumbwa district.

The construction of the Namabanga dam at a cost of 3.6 million Kwacha is funded under the 2022 Constituency Development Funds -CDF- for Nangoma constituency.

ZNS Director Projects, JACKSON TEMBO says the dam is expected to be completed by the end of this month.

Colonel TEMBO says the dam wall has already been completed and only a few works at the spill way and related works are remaining.

And Nangoma Member of Parliament, COLLINS NZOVU says the Namabanga dam is one of many dams which the government is building to harvest water in the wake of the drought.

Mr NZOVU, who is also Green Economy and Environment Minister, says the dam will provide water for irrigation and for connection to nearby villages.

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