Zimba District Commissioner Elizabeth Kalaluka has called on the Department of National Parks and Wildlife to establish an office in her district to help curb the human-animal conflict in the area.
Ms. Kalaluka said this when National Parks and Wildlife Southern Region Senior Warden, Lewis Daka led a team of officers to control a herd of about thirty elephants that has destroyed crop fields in the district for close to two weeks.
She said the elephants come to the district every year during the same period and it would be helpful to have an office opened for quick response to challenges of human -animal conflict.
And Mr. Daka has said the animals are merely following their corridor which they have used from time immemorial and people should allow them to pass instead of harassing them.
Mr. Daka said the elephants have been unable to proceed on their journey because people have blocked their path by surrounding them.
Several residents were found surrounding the elephants in the bush about five kilometers into Zimba while the Department of National Parks and Wildlife officers labored to convince them to leave the animals alone.

News Source: ZNBC

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