ZIM reveals Leadership Nominees

… Mwelo says the secretariat will facilitate the dissemination of campaign manifestos from the nominated candidates

By Francis Maingaila

Lusaka, Zambia24 (10-05-2024) -The Zambia Institute of Marketing (ZIM) has announced the successful nominations for various leadership positions within the organization, marking the commencement of official campaign activities.

The nominated candidates, including Joo Chunga FZIM and Mwewa Besa FZIM vying for the position of President, while Eric Thengo Ngondo FZIM is running for the position of Vice President Policy.

Geoffrey Mumba FZIM is eyeing the position of Vice President Finance, Brian Silungwe and Chimuka Ngandu for Council Secretary, Vernon Nakacinda for Vice Council Secretary, Hazel Couvaras for Council Treasurer, and Ndili Vlahakis for Vice Council Treasurer.

Others are Joseph Chibuye and Bernard Chama for Publicity Secretary, Joan Mukala Mwila for Vice Publicity Secretary, and Chiyuka Maseka FZIM for Disciplinary Committee Chairperson.

According to Lute Lungu Mwelo, Registrar of Marketing, the ZIM Secretariat will facilitate the dissemination of campaign manifestos from the nominated candidates.

“These manifestos will be circulated via email to members and shared across ZIM’s social media platforms, allowing members to make informed decisions during the upcoming elections,” he said.

“The campaign period is now officially open, allowing candidates to present their platforms and engage with members,” he added.

He disclosed that the 2024 subscription register will serve as the voters roll, ensuring that only fully paid-up members for the year 2024 are eligible to vote.

He said the Secretariat is ready to assist members who wish to make payments for their subscriptions, ensuring inclusivity in the electoral process.

“As ZIM prepares for its upcoming elections, members are encouraged to actively participate in the campaign process and exercise their right to vote for the candidates they believe will best serve the institute and its objectives,” he said.

By announcing the nominated candidates and facilitating the dissemination of campaign manifestos, Mwelo suggested, ZIM is ensuring a transparent and inclusive electoral process.

He urged Members to take an active role in the campaign process, engage with the candidates, and make informed decisions at the polls.

He said the upcoming elections present an opportunity for members to shape the future of ZIM and its leadership, and the institute is committed to ensuring a free and fair electoral process.

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