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Zesco load shedding has impacted negatively on Pay television operators too, IBA says

INDEPENDENT Broadcasting Authority (IBA) Director General Josephine Mapoma has urged members of the public to understand the load shedding predicament which Pay television operators are going through due to load shedding.
Mapoma said pay television operators have failed to reduce subscription fees because they have all continued to incur substantial additional costs such as contingency facilities and generator power just for them to continue providing the service to their customers.
Mapoma in a statement said she empathise with the people of Zambia for the lost hours in viewership.
“We have noted several discussions on social media that question why people should continue to pay the same amounts for television subscriptions due to the power outages,” Mapoma said.
But Mapoma said people should appreciate that Pay television operators namely Muvi TV, Strong Technologies, DSTV, GO TV, Top Star and City Cable Network Television incur standard costs to continue their services despite the load shedding.
Mapoma added that Pay TV operators have further continued incurring losses on the cost of commissioning local and international content.
“Secondly, Pay television operators continue to pay their suppliers the full cost for channels and other services, irrespective of the power situation in the country. This has in turn negatively affected the television viewing experience of their customers to enjoy the services offered by the Pay television operators,” said Mapoma.

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