ZCSA Applauds Ndola’s Bottled Water Compliance

…Hatyoka states that high standards are maintained in the production of local bottled drinking water.

By Francis Maingaila

Ndola, Zambia24 (29-05-2024) — The Zambia Compulsory Standards Agency (ZCSA) has expressed satisfaction with the compliance levels of bottled drinking water supplied in Ndola District, Copperbelt Province. A recent market surveillance inspection in key areas of Ndola revealed significant adherence to the Zambian Standard – ZS 388: Bottled Drinking Water – Specification.

According to Brian Hatyoka, Acting Manager of Communications and Public Relations at ZCSA, the inspection covered the townships of Masala, Chifubu, Twapya, Pamodzi, and Town Centre.

He said the results indicated an overall compliance rate of 82 percent among bottled drinking water products in these areas, up from 78 percent the previous year.

“Out of 46 manufacturers, brands, and trading outlets inspected, 38 were found compliant with the standards, while eight fell short,” said Hatyoka.

“Non-compliance issues included the lack of registration with ZCSA and the absence of batch numbers on products, which are critical for traceability,” he added.

Hatyoka emphasized the importance of batch numbers for product safety and accountability. The agency has collected samples from non-compliant products for further laboratory analysis to determine potential health risks.

Hatyoka warned manufacturers, importers, and traders to comply with registration requirements to legally supply their products.

“No one is legally allowed to supply any product covered by a compulsory standard without authority from the Agency. All non-compliant products will be seized and withdrawn from the market to protect consumers and the environment,” Hatyoka added.

He advised to purchase bottled water only from reputable and registered suppliers.

“The public is encouraged to report any instances of illegal production or supply of bottled drinking water to the nearest ZCSA office,” he explained.

He said the ZCSA’s mandate includes inspecting factories producing bottled and packaged drinking water to ensure adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and compliance with compulsory standards.

“This statutory body, operating under the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry, is tasked with safeguarding public safety, health, and environmental protection,” he indicated.

He said compliance rates improve, thanks to ZCSA’s ongoing efforts underscore the agency’s commitment to ensuring that the bottled drinking water available to Zambian consumers meets the highest safety and quality standards.

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