ZCS calls for study to ascertain HIV/AIDS rates in correctional facilities

prisonsThe Zambia Correctional Service has urged Stakeholders in the health sector to consider carrying out the HIV/AIDS prevalence study in Correctional Facilities to determine the extent of the pandemic currently.

ZCS head of public relations Maggie Nawa says the 2010 statistics show that the pandemic prevalence in Correctional Facilities stands at 27.4percent, statistics she says need updating through recent studies as a lot has happened between 2010 and now.

Ms Nawa says several interventions aimed at accessing health services such as provision of Anti-Retroviral to inmates have been put in place by government and there have been inmates that have been released over the years, a situation which entails that the figure in prevalence rate has either increased or reduced.

Ms Nawa states that the new study will help in coming up with more interventions aimed at reducing the disease in Correctional Facilities.

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