Zambians ridicule new ZRA uniform


Zambians have taken to various social media platforms to make fun of the new uniform for Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) customs officers.

The blue and yellow stripped regalia has been likened to prison attire or pyjamas, while other bloggers have gone a step further as to speculate on the amount of money paid to the supplier of the uniforms.

Below are some reactions from selected Facebook pages.

“New Uniform for Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA). This is what you get for failing to meet collection targets. But just wait, soon you will hear ‘ati’ $10 million was used to procure these tents or is it death roll pyjamas?”

“Lol. This Country really has sadists. Do people make certain decisions to make a name for themselves or they critically think through their decisions with a clear conscience?”

“The ones that decided this uniform must be reported to DEC”

“What happened to the original uniform? They are looking like a militant group ready to fight taxes terrorists.”

“Looks like pennywise the clown from the horror movie, I.T. a bunch of clowns collecting revenue, what a jock.”

“I hope this is just a joke. The current uniform for ZRA is good enough.”

“So even if they sleep on duty its fine kaili they are already in Pajamas”

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