SOTAMBE Documentary Film and Arts Festival (DFAF) says the local film industry has the potential to create employment opportunities and contribute immensely to the Gross Domestic Product of the country.
Director Martina Mwanza said the film industry in Zambia was growing because players had now realised that it was a useful profession.
Ms Mwanza said it was encouraging to note that the Zambian film producers had now appreciated the importance of the industry.
It was encouraging, she noted, that some corporate entities had invested in the film industry at different levels.
Ms Mwanza was speaking in Kitwe during the Sotambe Documentary Film and Arts 2018 Festival preview at Kitwe Little Theatre.
She said Zambia has talented film producers and makers hence the industry needed total support from the business world.
“The film industry is a sleeping giant and as Sotambe DFAF together with our sponsors, partners and media support, we can contribute to growth,” Ms Mwanza said.
She said that this year’s film festival had received over 70 submissions from local film makers in Zambia as well as foreign film makers from South Africa, Canada, Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, Norway, Ghana and Lebanon.
At the same event, Multi-Choice Zambia Public Relations Manager Mwiika Malindima said his firm was the biggest investor in local content in Zambia.
This is because the company believes in promoting the local film industry at a higher level.
Mr Malindima said MultiChoice had played a vital role in the promotion of the local television production.

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