“Zambia Celebrates Sustainable Metrology Day”

… Chipoka urges for advancing measurement Science for a Greener good of the country

By Francis Maingaila

Lusaka, Zambia24 (20-05-2024) – Zambia observed World Metrology Day today, focusing on sustainability. The event highlighted the use of measurement to address pressing issues like climate change.

Chipoka Mulenga, Minister of Commerce, Trade, and Industry, criticized using natural disasters to assess opponents, stressing the reality of climate change.

He emphasized the urgency of utilizing measurements to mitigate its impacts and underscored their importance in daily life.

Mulenga emphasized sustainability as a guiding principle for current and future actions, extending beyond a mere concept.

He highlighted metrology’s role in sustainable development across environmental, economic, and social aspects.

He launched the Service Charter at the event, symbolizing the organization’s commitment to excellence and transparency, supporting the nation’s needs.

Mulenga emphasized the contribution of Metro Services to the nation’s sustainable development goals, stressing the role of accurate measurements.

A Center of Excellence with 22 laboratories is being established to support local industries and serve as a regional reference.

He called for collective efforts from stakeholders to tackle climate change and sustainable development challenges, emphasizing the need for high standards in products like fertilizers.

The government aims to reduce the cost of doing business and improve service delivery to foster economic growth through efficient public services.

Mulenga positioned metrology as a crucial tool for economic development and environmental stewardship.

He stressed the importance of raising public awareness about the roles of relevant bodies in ensuring quality and sustainability, reaffirming support for scientific innovations.

Dr. Heather Munachonga, UNESCO Secretary-General, emphasized the vital role of measurement science in human progress, particularly in addressing global challenges like climate change.

She highlighted metrology’s impact on various sectors and its potential to inspire the next generation, especially young women, to pursue careers in this field.

Humphrey Nkobeni, Executive Director of the Zambia Metrology Agency, stressed metrology’s role in advancing technology and promoting sustainability.

He emphasized the importance of measurements in shaping a more sustainable future and fostering innovation.

Nkobeni highlighted metrology’s contribution to high-precision engineering and technologies, supporting sustainable human activities like manufacturing and healthcare.

He committed to supporting key government programs related to trade, agriculture, and manufacturing, ensuring the accuracy of measurements in various sectors.

ZMA Board Chairperson Musamala Josia Nyirongo recently emphasized the pivotal role of metrology in driving sustainability and prosperity across Zambia.

Speaking at the unveiling of the Service Charter for Zambia Metro, Nyirongo underscored the importance of accurate measurements in fostering environmental stewardship, economic growth, and social equity.

The esteemed gathering, witnessed the unveiling of the Service Charter, a testament to Zambia Metro’s commitment to excellence and transparency.

Nyirongo extended gratitude to the entire delegation, ensuring correct pronunciation of names, and acknowledged the presence of CEOs, board members, media representatives, and guests from higher learning institutions.

The upcoming Center of Excellence, slated to host 22 laboratories encompassing various domains including electric vehicle testing, chemical methodology, and time and frequency standards, garnered significant attention.

Nyirongo emphasized its role in supporting local industries and serving as a regional reference laboratory, propelling Zambia towards innovation and competitiveness on the global stage.

“Let’s utilize metrology to pave the way for a future of prosperity, equity, and environmental stewardship for future generations,” Nyirongo urged, highlighting the significance of accurate measurements for sustainable progress across sectors.

In the face of climate change challenges, Nyirongo called for collective action, emphasizing the need for calibrated gadgets to ensure road safety and prevent disputes.

Expressing appreciation towards the Zambia Metrology Agency for their contributions and achievements, Nyirongo stressed the importance of ensuring both high quality and quantity of fertilizers, along with the development of drought-resistant seeds.

Embracing sustainable practices and prioritizing quality in all endeavors emerged as key themes, underscoring the necessity of accountability, efficient service delivery, and collaboration between the government and private sector.

Furthermore, Nyirongo pledged support for scientific innovations and reducing barriers to business setup, fostering an environment conducive to economic growth.

The call to action resonated with attendees, igniting a collective commitment to harnessing the power of metrology for a brighter and more sustainable future for Zambia.

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