“Zambia at the Crossroads”

… ActionAid Demands Sustainability and Resilience in the Face of Devastating Drought and Energy Crisis

Lusaka, Zambia – (June 5, 2024) – Zambia is facing an unprecedented environmental crisis fueled by the devastating effects of the El Nino drought. The consequences are dire, with severe impacts on agriculture, water, livestock, and energy sectors, particularly affecting smallholder farmers who are the backbone of the nation’s food security.

Faides Tembatemba, the new ActionAid Country Director, has sounded the alarm, emphasizing the urgent need for concerted action to address the crisis.

“The current situation paints a grim picture, with approximately half of the planted maize lost and 84 out of 116 districts severely affected,” she explained.

“The energy crisis, characterized by prolonged power blackouts, further compounds the humanitarian and economic challenges faced by millions of Zambians.”

Tembatemba warned that failure to act decisively would not only prolong human suffering but also jeopardize Zambia’s long-term prosperity and resilience.

She urged the government to prioritize sustainable approaches like agroecology and clean energy, translate rhetoric into action through transformative agricultural policies and resilience-building measures, and enact legislation addressing climate change.

Tembatemba also advocated for boosting budgetary allocations for environmental conservation and agriculture, adopting Carbon Taxes to fund climate action initiatives, and implementing mitigation and adaptation strategies to safeguard livelihoods and bolster resilience against future environmental shocks.

As the world marks World Environment Day 2024, ActionAid Zambia emphasizes the imperative of “Accelerating Land Restoration for Drought Resilience in Zambia.”

The occasion serves as a poignant reminder of the urgent need to prioritize sustainability and resilience in the face of Zambia’s environmental crisis.

The time for action is now. Zambia’s policymakers must rise to the occasion and prioritize sustainability, resilience, and environmental stewardship to mitigate the devastating impacts of the ongoing environmental crisis and safeguard the nation’s future.

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