“ZAMBEEF PLC Donates K150,000 to 2024 Kuomboka Celebration”

… Sekele pledged ZAMBEEF’s commitment to preserving the cultural heritage while supporting small-scale farmers from disease outbreaks and nutritional issues affecting livestock and address the adverse effects of climate change on agricultural yields, alongside tackling energy shortages and water scarcity.

By Francis Maingaila

Lusaka, Zambia24 (02-04-2024) – ZAMBEEF PLC has pledged and handed over a cheque worth K150,000 for the 2024 Kuomboka celebration, scheduled for late April.

Ezekiel Sekele, ZAMBEEF’s Executive of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability, expressed the company’s commitment to the upcoming 2024 Kuomboka Celebration, a revered cultural event in Zambia.

The ceremony, graced by the esteemed Chitimukulu paramount chief of the Bemba-speaking people in the Northern Province, holds profound significance for the region’s cultural heritage.

Sekele affirmed ZAMBEEF’s pledge of K150,000 towards the event, underlining the company’s enduring dedication to supporting small-scale farmers in the area.

He emphasized the pivotal role of collaboration among stakeholders, institutions, and companies in bolstering vulnerable communities and addressing prevailing challenges.

Sekele underscored the importance of forging long-term partnerships with a focus on supporting small-scale farmers and tackling issues such as drought and livestock management.

He stated that ZAMBEEF remains steadfast in its commitment to farmers, with initiatives aimed at addressing challenges related to energy, water, and livestock health.

Zambeef’s significant financial contribution encompasses cash, products, and marketing expenses, reflecting its dedication to supporting smaller communities, particularly the most vulnerable members.

Sekele expressed optimism and invoked divine guidance for the auspicious occasion, extending gratitude for the support and well-wishes extended to His Majesty, emphasizing ZAMBEEF’s enduring commitment to community and tradition.

Sekele commended His Majesty the Litunga for his emphasis on animal health and risk management, signaling ZAMBEEF’s unwavering support for such endeavors.

He stressed the importance of collective effort in finding sustainable solutions, highlighting the firm decision regarding the management of the 2024 Kuomboka traditional ceremony.

He acknowledged the government’s efforts, led by the Republican President, in navigating current challenges.

Nathaniel Mubukwanu, Chairperson of the 2024 Kuomboka National Organizing Committee, expressed gratitude for a generous donation, emphasizing its significance in the nation’s progress.

He highlighted ongoing discussions focused on supporting small-scale farmers facing challenges like disease outbreaks and nutritional issues affecting livestock, alongside the adverse effects of climate change on agricultural yields, energy shortages, and water scarcity.

Mubukwanu shared personal farming challenges due to climate change, underscoring its real and immediate effects.

Efforts are underway to preserve cultural heritage by using traditional methods to mitigate drought effects, passing down ancestral knowledge.

“The upcoming event prioritizes climate change awareness, committing to educating the public, including through school programs, about mitigation measures,” he said.

He emphasized environmental preservation and sustainability through initiatives like tree planting and discouraging harmful activities.

He suggested that planned activities include the traditional Regatta and a vintage Land Rover competition to engage participants.

Mubukwanu expressed gratitude for sponsorship, highlighting its importance for future event success.

He acknowledged corporate partners’ role in supporting community initiatives like supporting farmers, expressing readiness for further collaboration and appreciating all involved dedication.

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