NEVERS Mumba MMD led-faction, acting National Secretary, Winnie Zaloumis yesterday escaped prison after she quickly reversed her decision of refusing to answer a question put to her in a matter relating to the MMD leadership wrangles.
High Court Judge Sharon Newa said refusal to respond to questions properly put to a witness amounted to contempt of court and the court was at liberty to send the witness to seven days imprisonment.
She said section 150 of the Criminal Procedure Code had grounds for imprisoning  one unless he or she quickly consents to what is required of them to do.
At that point,  Justice Newa asked Ms Zaloumis to go back to the witness box and say if she was still refusing.
Ms Zaloumis however, apologised and said she was willing to answer.
“I’m sorry that I did not answer the question and am now willing to answer,” Ms Zaloumis said.
This is in a matter in which Ms Zaloumis as the acting National Secretary of the Nevers Mumba MMD is challenging the legality of the convention which saw the election of Felix Mutati,  Rafael Nakacinda,  Mwansa Mbulakulima,  George Kangwa as new leaders of MMD
Earlier,  when the matter came up for cross examination, Jonas Zimba,  the  lawyer representing Mr Mutati and the others had asked the court to send Ms Zaulomis  to prison for   seven days for refusing to answer a question.
Mr Zimba asked Ms Zaloumis to tell the court when Elizabeth Chitika became the National Secretary but Ms Zaloumis said her party had a meeting on March 14 2016.
He then asked whether that was where Ms Chitika became National Secretary but Ms Zaloumis refused to answer the  question.
Mr Zimba insisted for about three times but Ms Zaloumis said she chose not to answer.
It was at that point that Mr Zimba made an application for the court to send her to prison for seven days.
He said the application was pursuant to section 150 of the Criminal Procedure Code.

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