ZACL win Kudo over investment

…Government also Directs management Take the Lead in Organizing Industry Stakeholders to Drive Economic Growth

By Francis Maingaila
Lusaka, Zambia, 24 (7-06-2023) – The Zambian government has directed the Zambia Civil Aviation Authority to take the lead in organizing and following up on aviation stakeholders’ issues, including providing lounges to airlines, ensuring multiple operators for jet fuel, and creating a service charter for issuing licenses and services.

The Minister of Transport and Logistics, Frank Tayali, spoke at the 8th Aviation Annual Stakeholders’ Forum held at the Pamodzi Taj Hotel, where he said that the government is pleased with the efforts of the Zambia Airports Corporation Limited in developing the aviation industry.

He also emphasized the need for collaboration to ensure the industry’s full recovery.

Efforts to upgrade and rehabilitate airports in the country, including provincial airports and cargo handling facilities, were highlighted by the Minister.

The objective of making Lusaka a regional aviation and logistics hub was stressed, with plans to reduce the cost of aviation fuel and encourage high-value exports.

The Minister also cited passenger statistics showing an overall recovery of 89% to pre-COVID-19 levels and emphasized the need for collaboration to ensure the full recovery of the aviation industry.

He stated that the significant investments that have been injected into the sector prove that it is on the right track.

The Minister discussed important issues affecting the aviation sector in the country, including the rehabilitation and development of airports, reducing the cost of aviation fuel, and promoting high-value exports.

Zambia Airports Corporation Limited’s Board Chairperson, Mr Zeyvyanji Sinkala, highlighted the importance of collaboration among stakeholders in the aviation industry during the corporation’s yearly Stakeholders’ Forum.

He emphasized that the industry serves as a facilitator for economic sectors such as trade, tourism, and agriculture, which have been identified as growth areas in the country.

Therefore, working synergistically among players in the sector is crucial for national economic advancement.

The forum’s objective was to discuss various issues that affect the aviation industry and formulate collective solutions that would drive the entire sector forward.

Mr Sinkala pointed out that ZACL acknowledges the progress individual stakeholders are making in developing the industry.

However, he stressed the need to pool efforts for greater and more lasting results to benefit clients, stakeholders, and the nation.

The forum focused on the rehabilitation and development of airports, the reduction of aviation fuel costs, and the promotion of high-value exports.

Mr Sinkala mentioned that the corporation would be presenting its 2022-2026 strategic plan, and the acting Managing Director would give a presentation outlining ZACL’s current and future plans.

In conclusion, Mr Sinkala reiterated that stakeholder collaboration is vital, as the aviation industry is a significant contributor to national economic development in line with the government’s 8th National Development Plan.

He thanked everyone for their participation and wished them a fruitful deliberation at the forum.

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