Patriotic Front Deputy Media Director Antonio Mwanza has condemned some opposition political parties for inciting Zambians to open xenophobic assaults in opposition to Chinese nationals.
Mr. Mwanza says the Chinese authorities has partnered with the Zambian authorities in the implementation of many developmental initiatives.
He says the calls by the opposition UPND and Nationwide Democratic Congress are now not only misplaced however uncalled for.
Mr. Mwanza has instantaneous ZNBC data that Zambia and China like enjoyed warm bilateral relatives which like yielded massive investments ensuing in jobs being created for the Zambian people.
His remarks reach in the wake of a memoir published in a tabloid where UPND Secretary Overall Stephen Katuka warned that Zambians might per chance per chance upward push in opposition to the Chinese if authorities retains favouring them by giving them contracts at the expense of the local people.
Nonetheless, when contacted for a comment Mr. Katuka instantaneous ZNBC data that Mr. Mwanza misunderstood his statement on story of he changed into simply advising authorities to make sure that the Chinese apply the labour guidelines and respect the Zambian people.
Mr. Katuka said his celebration has an obligation to give assessments and balances to the authorities adding that the UPND does like the relaxation in opposition to the Chinese people however has an subject with how about a of them treat their workers.
Meanwhile NDC Nationwide Chairperson in Fee of media Misheck Moyo, says his celebration has consistently desired to support peaceful demonstrations in opposition to the Chinese on the Copperbelt on story of they feel they like got been given too grand energy.
Mr. Moyo extra says the NDC is now not in opposition to Chinese investment however that they prefer to respect the labour guidelines.

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