Withdraw from dialogue, Kalumba urges church mother bodies

Zambia Center for Interparty Dialogue (ZCID) Trustee Katele Kalumba has advised the three church mother bodies namely Council of Churches of Zambia, Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia and the Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops to withdraw their facilitation of the national dialogue.

Dr Kalumba says the leaders of the three church mother bodies should realize that they are being unfair to themselves by insisting to lead the national dialogue.

He believes the leaders of the three church mother bodies have lost the sense of reality as they are now allegedly more political than spiritual leaders.

In an interview with Q-News, Dr. Kalumba says the recent resignation of Bishop Sydney Sichilima as CCZ president has shuttered the legitimacy and credibility of the three church mother bodies.

Dr. Kalumba, who is also Sub-Chief Natende of Chiengi District, has encouraged leaders of the CCZ, the EFZ and ZCCB to instead serve their integrity by getting back to the pulpit.

He states that the leadership of the three church mother bodies should also realize that they actually have no political mandate from the Zambian people to lead the impending dialogue process.

News source: QFM Radio

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