Wife sued by Husband for lack of sex

SIX months of not having sex has forced a 31-year-old man of Lusaka West to sue his wife of four years for marriage reconciliation.

Ronald Mulenga, 31, told the Matero Local Court how his wife Lisa Chisenga, 27, has deliberately started denying him sex whenever he makes advances in bed while calling his act as irritating.

Ronald told the court that since December 15, 2015, he has had not had sex with his wife because every time he tries to stimulate up her wife’s sexual desires; she would start hulling insults and giving all sorts of excuses in their matrimonial bedroom.

Ronald sued Lisa also of Lusaka West for marriage reconciliation. Bride price was paid.

The court heard that the couple got married in 2013 and that they only lived in harmony for two years.

“Every time they have a misunderstanding, his wife would rush to pack her belongings and threaten to go back to her parents,” Ronald told the court.

He accused Lisa a business woman, of having a boyfriend. “I think the same boyfriend must be the one who has been issuing instructions to my wife so that I don’t get my conjugal right” he claimed.

Ronald also alleged that his wife does not like his relatives, saying she develops weird moods every time his family members come to visit him.

He said that he was fade up living with a wife whom he described as pompous and disrespectful.

In her defense, Lisa accused Ronald of being violent and irresponsible husband who cared much just to satisfy himself without regards to her feelings.

Lisa complained about his treatment towards her adding that she was also fed up being in a marriage punctuated by insults and beatings.

Passing judgment, Senior Local Court Magistrate Pauline Newa said the marriage had broken down because Lisa did not want to be with Ronald.

“It is clear that this marriage cannot work, so the court advice any of you two can sue for divorce. From your statements, there is no good communication, no sex, violence and too much finger pointing at each other.” She said.

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