Why Zambians make wrong choices


We are in denial when our preferred leadership has failed, thereby missing out on an opportunity of correcting it.

We think poverty amounts to humility, we are comfortable with sympathy making inaction from leaders a new normal.

We distrust those who are successful instead of learning from them.

We take election campaigns as an entertainment season, and fail to identify true competence.

We vote against each other, instead of voting for our shared goals

We have focused so much on our nucleus goals and neglected the collective and societal goals that support all.

We have settled for third best by excusing fundamental crimes against the citizens just because our selfish interests have been met.

We have turned 180 degrees on our own words and convictions just because we are belly fillers.

We have create false characters about people we dislike, and venerated the leaders will like.

We are mad at the truth when it hurts our political party

We are even mad at the church, the donors and the international media when they say things we don’t like.

We have lost the ability to have honest conversations.

We have lost the grip on our own country in terms of resource ownership, citizen empowerment and policy direction.

We are slaves of our debt holders, slaves of capitalist and slaves of our own government.

We are called xenophobic for just asking for our deserved share.

We are a constant threat to our own leaders, whose only response to criticism is suppression, intimidation and violence.

We think patriotism is speaking well of the country but our leaders have no ability to sacrifice their pay rise or privileges for the sake of the poor.

We call ourselves Christians for the sole purpose of demonising our political enemies.

We prioritise our political survival over the future of our children.

We have decided to be political party supporters before we are Zambians.

We have mostly betrayed our conscience and chosen a political affiliation that satisfices our tribal pride.

Richard W

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