By Osward Hamanyuma Jnr | Twitter: hamanyuma_jnr | September 3, 2020

Rally Bwalya was so influential on the field of play for Power Dynamos during his spell at the club, he would make up things for the team from with his passes and trickery.

Earlier last month the midfielder maestro completed his move to Tanzanian Simba Sports Club and the questions left are who will step up to his position.

With the physical presence of Benson Sakala behind him, he was given a role in the midfielder area going forward, he would play as a second striker and get a couple of goals and assists.

Looking at the crop of players at Power Dynamos their is no direct replacement of the Rally and it will be very difficult for the club to find a replacement. His technical ability sets him aside from the rest of the midfielders.

Coach Perry Mutapa will need to start looking for a new creative midfielder who can unlock the opponent’s defence, someone who can take one defenders.

The striking force also need a retouch if they are to mount a serious challenge for the league, the club needs a good finisher.

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