“HARRY Kalaba is at liberty to say whatever he wants for now and the party will only respond accordingly after the 14 days ultimatum given to exculpate himself over charges of alleged misconduct elapses,” the Patriotic Front (PF) deputy media director Antonio Mwanza has said.
Mwanza said in an interview on Monday that the party would only react and issue a statement with regard to the fate of Mr Kalaba, the PF Bahati Member of Parliament, after 14 days ultimatum to exonerate himself elapsed.
Mr Mwanza was reacting to remarks by Mr Kalaba that he would not exculpate himself for alleged misconduct saying PF Secretary General Davies Mwila should stop wasting his time by asking him to exculpate himself because that would not improve the lives of suffering Zambians.
“I will only exculpate myself if Mr Mwila assures me that the price of fuel will come down,” Mr Kalaba said.
PF Secretary General Davies Mwila recently issued a 14-day ultimatum to Mr Kalaba and Lusaka Lawyer Kelvin Fube to exculpate themselves over alleged misconduct.
Mr Mwanza said Mr Mwila would react after the 14-day ultimatum.
“For now, we wouldn’t comment for a simple reason; he was given 14 days ultimatum to exculpate himself and when the 14 days elapse, that’s when the secretary general (Davis Mwila) will issue a statement.
“At the moment, we really don’t care what Harry Kalaba says, he still has 10 days from the 14 days. So the SG will respond accordingly after the 14 days,’ Mr Mwanza said, adding that “for now, Hon. Kalaba has enough time to either exculpate or not exculpate himself, but time for the party to act will come.”

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