Wacheda’s ‘Iron Man’ tops Zambezi Magic’s Zed Top 10

AFRO-POP singer Wacheda’s ‘Iron Man’ single featuring Cactus Agony got off to a good start and now, 5 months after its release, its music video is number one on Zed Top 10 on Zambezi Magic.

This is its 4th week on the video chart and comes after it was certified a hit on ZNBC’s Born N Bred in March.

On its release, the video was compared to Rihanna’s ‘Rude Boy’ video, something that did not sit well with Wacheda even though it is a compliment to be compared to Rihanna.

“The comparison comes probably because of the colours hey I love colour and good graphics as I am very creative.’ She says. ‘I wasn’t exactly pleased because I feel the concept is entirely different. But I am glad I was not being accused of borrowing from her video. But it also goes to show that Tha DjLo nailed it.”

“We really set out to make a different kind of video and it worked out well”, says Wacheda. “Partly because of the outfit, Amber Tungani designed the dress and the leg warmers I wore in the video and they really stood out.”

Despite the success of the video, Wacheda says watching her video on TV was weird. “I was actually nervous when it played because people were calling in to air their views. A few said it was a miss but my hubby was right next to me. Thank God for that because I was about to pass out, I felt like I was being judged.”

She says shooting the scenes was nerve wrecking and it didn’t help matters that at one point during the filming she was stuck in an elevator for 2 hours.

“This is my first video and considering I was nervous on the first day. If you pay attention to the first verse of the video you can tell. I couldn’t look into the camera. I kept giggling and shying away.”

But she says her make-up artist Kay Kasweka ‘did a good job’. “She brought out that colourful, happy go lucky girl who I tend to hide inside I came alive.”

The second day of the shoot took place when on the day when there was a countrywide blackout. “We were stuck on the 13th floor of Findeco House with my make up half done. We waited patiently, hoping power would be restored but nothing happened .”

Asked if she is working on an album, Wacheda says she is not in a hurry. “Well not at the moment. I am not in a rush to put an album together. I want to take my time to feel the music and eventually decide what direction it will take.”

Wacheda is branching out into TV, she will make an appearance on Zambezi Magic’s provocative talks show ‘Nkani Ya mu Sisi’ on Wednesday.

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