Voting peaceful FODEP

On the day of the General Election and Referendum, the Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) through its monitors across the country, has observed that the voting process, which is currently underway, started peacefully.

Our monitors across the country have observed that there were no critical incidences when voting started in the polling stations. Our monitors have reported that polling stations opened in time apart from a few that started the voting process a few minutes after 06:00 hours.

FODEP has deployed 5, 000 monitors in 96 constituencies, 74 districts in the 10 provinces and through these monitors, we have observed that there may be low turnout on the referendum vote. Our monitors have observed that in many polling stations, voters were shunning the referendum booth, which was an indication that the referendum vote was likely to receive a low turnout.

FODEP monitors also observed that so far, presiding officers were conducting themselves professionally.

FODEP urges eligible voters to continue going to polling stations to cast their ballots and that they must continue with the peaceful conduct that has characterized the voting process so far.


Issued By:


Shepard Chilombe

FODEP President

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