VEEP has always acted as President – KANGWA

By Mary Kachepa

Secretary to the Cabinet PATRICK KANGWA says Vice President MUTALE NALUMANGO has always acted as President whenever President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA travels out of the Country.

Mr. KANGWA says when the President is travelling, the Office of the Secretary to the Cabinet writes to the Head of State requesting him to delegate according to the constitution after which a Statutory Instrument is issued and a gazette notice is printed.

He says the President has delegated his functions to Mrs. NALUMANGO on all the foreign trips he has undertaken and a gazette notice is always issued by the Government.

Mr. KANGWA who produced the gazette notices during a media briefing in Lusaka today urged Journalists and the public to visit Government printers to access the notices as they are public documents.

He said the Zambian constitution allows the President to delegate the functions of President whenever he travels out of the country.

Mr. KANGWA said this is why Mrs. NALUMANGO does not go to parliament where she is Leader of Government Business when the President is out of the country because she assumes the role of Acting President.

He said an Acting Leader of Government Business is appointed in the absence of the Vice President until she returns to parliament when the President returns to the Country.

Mr. KANGWA was speaking during a Government Media engagement at the Ministry of Information in Lusaka today.

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