Vandenbroeck is ‘mad’, a physical trainer says FAZ GS

FAZ General Secretary Andrian Kashala claims that former Chipolopolo trainer Sven Vandenbroeck is ‘mad’ and bitter because the association did not renew his contract as national team coach.

The remarks come in the wake of revelations that the former coach who failed to qualify the national team to the 2019 AFCON had dragged FAZ to FIFA for non-payment of salaries amount to about $50, 000, approximately K600, 000.

In an interview with Goal Diggers in Lusaka, Kashala described Vandenbroeck as a poorly natured, undisciplined and mad chap whose intentions were to embarrass FAZ for denying him an opportunity to renew his contract.

Kashala said he does not know whether Vandenbroeck was paid or not as that was government’s duty but that the former coach involved FAZ in the matter because he has an agenda to put the name of the association into disrepute.

“There is nothing like an official notification. That boy is mad. We have not received any official notification regard that, but off course he has been asking for his money, as FAZ we don’t owe him anything. It’s the government that pays him, but we are the employers. On that note that’s how we come in. FAZ does not owe him anything per se. we don’t even trade these things through the media. I’m sure there are procedure that have to be followed, but as far as we know there is nothing that has been written to us. And we cannot know whether he has been paid or he hasn’t because that is between him and the government. But going to embarrass the association and the government is not in order. He is a very undisciplined chap. I will say that again he is very undisciplined, and he is not well-cultured that chap,” he said.

He said Vandenbroeck is too arrogant and that his arrogance costed the nation an opportunity to play at the 2019 AFCON finals.

“If he wants to succeed in his career, I think he must learn to have respect for authorities. But if he continues to behave the way he is behaving, he is not going anywhere. Look he is just upset that we didn’t bring him on board, and he wants to talk about our football. Which football he failed to win us anything, he just won us a game out of the four games that he played. What kind of a coach is he? He used the formation he is singing about in the paper and it never brought any result. I think he should stay out of our Zambian football. We are far much better than what he brought in. He brought in non-workable solutions. He failed with those formations he is talking about, its not about talking its about giving us the results. He costed the country that I can say. He costed us as FAZ and we failed to qualify to AFCON because of his arrogance and failure to adhere to instructions”

Kashala who accepted that the former trainer had frustrated him further said the Belgian was a useless coach who would not go far in his career as he does not respect the authority.

“I don’t think he is even worthy being a coach, maybe a journalist or any other career or maybe boxing so that when you argue and you don’t agree then you fight. I’m upset, yes. He is useless. Even in our home, you don’t insult your ex-wife just because you divorced him. It doesn’t work like that. He has to change and accept that he is a failure and he didn’t manage and we cannot go along with after that failure. Period. There are no two ways about it. He will say whatever he wants to say but I think he should stay out of Zambian football because he failure miserably. After he left you saw how we won, the Zambian coaches the ones he was saying are poor and computer illiterate, they gave us four goals in one game, which he himself failed to do,” he said.

“So, he should say out and let him concentrate on a different career, I would advise him to be a trainer, physical trainer and not a coach, you cannot have a coach of his calibre. If we knew he was like that we wouldn’t have employed him. He I not worthy to be a coach. I think he was not well natured, that I can say. You know when you go to African you need to tune and behave the way the culture is. He can’t bring his nasty culture here and think we will change to suit him. He was doing all sorts of things which we cannot tell the media to write about and we protected him. One day I will call you to tell you what he was doing, in fact I will hold a press briefing to tell you what he was doing, its very nasty. I just cannot tell you now because he will think I am responding to what he has just done.”

[Goal diggers]

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