UPND in Livingstone has instituted investigations into reports of looming defections by its councillors who plan to join the ruling Patriotic Front (PF).
Provincial party deputy spokesperson Neto Halwabala confirmed receiving reports about five councillors who intend to join the ruling party.
Mr. Halwabala said that the party leadership has since instituted investigations to get to the bottom of the matter.
“As a party, we are investigating these reports and we want to know who these councillors are, but if they want to leave, let them go because it is there democratic right to join any party of their choice,
“If it is true, the same councillors should know that they are betraying the people who voted for them on UPND ticket. Let them not use the back door to leave but the front door so that everyone can see them,” he said. Mr Halwabala said that it would be unfortunate if it turned out to be true because the electorates expected councillors to work and deliver to the people.
Earlier this week, UPND provincial chairman Billiard Makwembo told the Daily Nation that in an exclusive interview that that no councillor or Member of Parliament from Southern Province can leave the party to join the PF regardless how persuasive the ruling party could be.
Mr. Makwembo further went on to say that all those that were leaving the UPND to join the PF in other parts of the country were lunatics and weak souls that could not resist money.
There has been media reports recently about the impending defections by some Livingstone UPND councillors to PF.

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