UPND must take democratic interests of the majority, Sunday Chanda says

PF Media Director Sunday Chanda says it is a good thing that the UPND leadership has embarked on an initiative to guide it’s councillors at a meeting scheduled for August 11th.And Chanda has encouraged the opposition leadership to pursue the democratic interests of the majority over the overstretched ambitions of one individual.But Chanda says it is not only the councilors that need to be guided but MPs too.“Guiding the Councilors is merely dealing with the superficial symptoms. Our friends across the floor need to be magnanimous and brave enough to countenance and address the root cause of the terminal condition that has presented a debilitating hemorrhage of membership,” Chanda said.He said the self-mutilating nature of UPND’s leadership is of grave concern to all friends of democracy. Post Views: 8

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